Thursday, June 28, 2007


Emma Sage has always had very strong language skills, both receptive and expressive. Her intelligibility gets clearer and clearer as the days roll forward.

Sometimes though, she gets talking so fast [when she is excited about something] and we {who understand her the best} even have a hard time understanding some words.

This happened the other day with Greta.

The girls were busy talking about something.....and Emma Sage replies to Greta { and she does not understand exactly what she is saying} so Greta Says "What?" to which Emma Sage restates the the same result....Greta did not understand again. This went on a few times.....and then frustrated, Emma Sage grabs Greta on both sides of her face and brings her face close to hers and says it again....slowly and clearly. To which Greta bursts out laughing and Emma Sage demands her to "STOP......It's NOT funny!"

Poor Greta tried to stop her she realized that this is a struggle Emma Sage sometimes has [clear speech] and it does bother her greatly that all of her thoughts are not always understood by others.

I think that this is the biggest thing that we deal with in regards to Emma Sage's extra chromosome.........and one that frustrates her the most.


Nicole said...

That's T's biggest struggle as well, but Emma's speech is much more clear than T's is. Tarenne is incredibly intelligent and that for me is the hardest part, that she gets frustrated and that her language skills make her aware of her differences so often.

I love ES's grabbing Gretta's face. That's precious!

Kris said...

Yes, communication is very challenging. I really admire people who continue to persist with communication challenges. Just imagine what it is like for the little ones that can't get their words out at all or whose speech is so garbled that even their mom's can't understand them most of the time. I am amazed that they just don't give up. I am amazed that my little girl continues to try. But she does.
Let's give a cheer for the persistence our little guys and gals show in this area!!!

jennifergg said...

For us, too. Language is gonna be our long-term challenge, I think. I know the same frustration.