Wednesday, June 06, 2007

An Emma Sage Funny......

Actually, this child makes me laugh all day long with her quick answers and funny observations on life!

I must get a note book to carry with me, as this old brain usually laughs so hard it forgets about the 'funny' by the time I have a chance to sit at the computer and BLOG about it!

Today was our last dance class. We have a weekly routine [as it is our lightest childcare day because of dance] that we say good-bye to a few of our friends at noon, and then we head to McDonalds for our junk-food allotment of the week and off to dance class.

Today there were three friends [and I figured I'd get a snack-wrap, as usually, I just steal a FF or two and an ice coffee for my treat].

The order seemed long.......

Me: "three Happy Meals, one with milk, one with a juice box and one with a Sprite....please"

The Magic Talking Box: "Would you like salt, ketchup, dip with those?"

Me: "Yes, please, Sweet and Sour and Ketchup"

The Magic Talking Box: "Anything else?"

Me: "Yes, please, a snack wrap"

The Magic Talking Box: "Grilled or Crispy?"

Me: "Grilled, Please"

The Magic Talking Box: "Anything else?"

Me: "Yes, please, three apple dippers"

The Magic Talking Box: "Boys or Girls Toys?"

Me: "Two boys, one girl"

The Magic Talking Box: "Oh, never mind, it is Sherek....they are for both"

Me: "and extra napkins please"

The Magic Talking Box: "Is that all?"

Me: "No, a large Iced Coffee, sugar and milk"

The Magica Talking Box: "Regular coffee or French Vanilla....."

Me: "Regular, Please"

The Magic Talking Box: "Is that all?"

Me: "Yes, Thank you"

The Magic Talking Box: "That will be $17.68 and the first window"

Me: "Thank you"

As we are driving to the First window, Emma Sage exclaims "WOW, Mommy, you are a good talker!!!!"


Too funny!!

"Well, thank you" I say to her "You are a good talker too!"


Michelle said...

LOVE THAT! Sounds all too familiar! The "talking box!" What a riot!

Shannon said...

I got a suggestion to help you remember those funny moments. I write a small note on my cell phone. I have one of those Palm Treos that have a full alphabet on it, but I think most cell phones have a way of putting some type of note. Maybe even set it up like an appointment. Works for me because I truly have a horrible memory.

mum2brady said...

hee hee hee :) I think Emma is a great talker, and so is her momma :) Thanks for the smile :)

Anonymous said...

So sweet.