Saturday, April 21, 2007


This has been a week of many Firsts......

First, we had a terrible NorEaster.....a storm of storms. We lost power for 13 hours and the children had a 'snow' day from school because of flooded roads and down'd trees.

This was on Monday....the weather was cold, rainy [over 7 inches] and windy. This was also the very tragic day of Virginia Tech. I did not hear of the fateful event until late in the day. That was a good thing, as my heart was so heavy at the news that I thought I would fall over. My cousin attends Virgina Tech and because of my hearing so late in the day, the news was already available to me that he was safe.

Actually, it is a funny story about his letting my Uncle know he was safe and sound. My Uncle was also unaware of the events that had been unfolding [a tragic first in our history] when he answered the phone at home, Wayne said:

"Hi Dad, its me, I just wanted to let you know I'm fine".

My Uncle John replied "That's good, I'm fine too!" not realizing at all why Wayne was calling to just say "I'm fine"

So Wayne says "No, Dad, I'm OK" and then realizes that his father's response must be because he does not know what was going on.

He says "Dad, have you heard the news today?"

"No" replies my Uncle. So Wayne fills his father in and what a sigh of relief. My Uncle was so thankful that he did not know earlier, as it took Wayne a few hours to finally be able to get a phone call out to let them know he was OK...and my Uncle knows how much fear he and my Aunt would have experienced during that time.

Sadly, a young man from our County perished. I have not been able to bring myself to watch the news, and from what I have read, that has been a good thing, as many of the news programs released information and video clips, that in my opinion just continued the violation of the gunman.

There were many other positive Firsts for my family this week.

Greta got a gold medal in a major track relay competion.


"Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself." ~ William Faulkner

Greta also broke three personal bests [or personal records ~PRs as it is known in track] this week, in the 400, 100 and long jump. We are so very proud!

Otto had two Firsts this week [and one last] His last was his last inter-mural Basketball game....where he made the 'Hall of Fame'....... His first First of the week was his Reading Olympic Team taking FIRST place in the County compition. His second First was his First Little League game where he pitched and they won 13 to 11!

On first base.......more pictures and video clips to be added to his blog [when this tired Momma gets a chance]

Emma Sage had a big FIRST......Her First T-Ball game......and boy was it too darn cute.

First cool thing.....she is on the Cardinals.....the same team as Albert Pujols. I just found this connection to be Albert Pujolis is not only an outstanding baseball player [one of the best ever] but his an outstanding advocate for people with Down syndrome.

Here are some pictures celebrating this very special first.

She got up three times.....and hit three times. First time she made it to second, but was tagged out, the next two at bats, she made it all around the bases....

Otto has been helping out the team and today he was first base coach.

Look how excited she was to make it to first base....she lost her hat, so Otto was busy making sture that he got it back on her.

This was the first time she made it to second base.

Fielding.....does fielding mean, getting down on the field and playing down low? LOL!! Actually, Emma Sage loved squatting and keeping her mitt on the ground to catch 'grounders'....that was her favorite way to play out in the field....her team-mate is trying to figure out a new way to combine an army crawl with a baseball play!

Waiting to bat......too darn cute!
Go Cardinals!!!!
The end of a wonderful First Day!!!!!!

and one last first for Miss Emma Sage......meeting a new friend at Otto's baseball game today. She was very independant [she is one social butterfly] and today she met this little girl named 'Lily' and they played togethre and chatted for most of the game. I took these from a distance, and my heart was so full of joy watching my little girl experiencing such a wonderful 'first'

and lastly,,,,,,a first for me!

While I was pushing Emma Sage on her tryke over to the concession stand, I notice a young umpire look down at Emma Sage and smile and then after he passes us, I notice him mulling around. At first I think it might be a friend of my brothers [as my brother's played baseball at these same fields many years ago] or an old neighbor from my we are walking back to Otto' game he comes up to me and says "Hello.......I have a son with Trisomy 21 and just wanted to say "HI"!"

I have only had two encounters in my life where someone has come up to me to share in the joy of our children.....and this was the first male!

He was a delightful young man whose son is 15 months old.....and the light of his life. He was so happy to see Emma Sage in her Cardinal uniform and to know that she was playing T-ball. He lives not too far away in PA, so I hope that we get to meet again at the ball field and that one day soon I can meet his lovely wife and precious son!

Now, how cool has all of our firsts been this week?!?

Oh, and the list goes on and on......Today was the First amazingly perfect spring of many to come. Greta had her First camp out with friends [still to early in the season for me to be sleeping out in tents]. and this is my first post in almost a week.......that is a first I wish to change,,,,,,,,,so let me be the first to say "I want to blog more often"!!!


ostertaga said...

I'm so glad I'm the FIRST to comment on how much I enjoyed sharing all of yours!!


Michelle said...

What a GREAT set of firsts!!!! Awesome!
I had to giggle a bit too - for Matthew has made a little friend at Ryan's ballgames and her name is Lily too! :) One of Ryan's assistant coaches has a neice with DS too! :)

Kei said...

I loved reading this post of firsts!!!! And the pictures are awesome!!!!
Way to go all of you!!!

Trixie said...

Please DO blog more. I love reading and looking at the GREAT pictures. I find Emma Sage and all she does inspiring! I hope my little Georgia is so active one day!

mum2brady said...

TM what a wonderful list of Firsts!!! LOVE IT!!! Love the video of Emma at bat too! Sooo - if she is playing t-ball - where's the t??? We call that coach pitch here :) Brady is playing actual t-ball - will hit the ball off the t :) I think Miss Emma is just amazing!

And - love the pics of Otto and Greta too! And - what a precious new baby girl - will you get to babysit her too? If so - you are soooo lucky - I love new babies - there is just something so special about little ones fresh from God :)

Thanks for sharing your firsts with us!!!