Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Excuse Me, Please"

Sitting at the field hockey game yesterday, I was chatting with the head coaches Mother, who had her grandson, Nate, with her at the game. I have baby-sat Nate during the time Beth's parents are in Florida [you know, SnowBirds, who head south during the cold of winter here in the NorthEast]. Emma Sage is standing with us and says.....

"Excuse Me, Please"......and then proceeds to put her hand in her coat pocket and says....

"My cell phone is ringing"

She takes out her pretend cell phone [her hand], flips her close hand 'OPEN' and puts her open hand to her ear.

"Hello" she says

"Oh, Lovely, how are you?"

"Oh honey, you miss me?" Emma Sage continues.....

"OK, Lovely, don't cry, I be home after the game."

"Bye" and she flips her hand back closed and tucks it in her pocket and goes back to playing with Nate.

Nate's grandma and I just stand there and laugh!

**Lovely is one of Emma Sage's kitty's**


Michelle said...

That is HILLARIOUS!!! That's a scrap page just begging to be done! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Chloe does the same thing!! She pulls the imaginary, ringing cell phone out of her pocket and has a complete conversation. Her favorite place to do this is in line at the grocery store. Boy, do we get some strange looks. Our girls make life so much fun!!

Chloe's Mommy

Tara Marie said...

Thanks Michelle,,,,I still have to find the time to figure out digital scrapbooking as my traditional scrapbooking isn't getting done these days either!

Robin, I'm so excited to see you comment...I think of you and Chloe all the time....too funny, our cell phone talking little girls!

Michelle said...

Oh Miss Emma Sage you are quite the clever girl!! :)