Saturday, July 08, 2006


Momma says Om theme of the week is TREAT.

So I decided to present my first 'theme of the week' in a few different formats.

The first is through a photograph [like that would surprise any of you! lol!!!]

Ummmm,,,,Ice Cream

This is a picture of little Miss enjoying a treat at Gronsky's Milk House......what a delightful and delectable treat for Emma Sage....but more importantly, it was a treat for her Momma, because this came at the end of a very busy day. We had headed to NYC for her photoshoot,,,,rushed home to catch Otto's World Series Game [which they won...what a treat for Otto and his team] and we headed to Gronsky's with Grammy to stop and rest from our adventures.

A treat......of taste.
A treat......of time to reflect and just enjoy the moment [with no-where else that day to rush off too]
A treat.....sharing time with Grammy
A treat.....a little boy with a big trophy for winning the Little League World Series

and then I thought about the word 'Treat' a little bit more....and I moved from the senses of delectable treats to eat, and the relaxed moments of Motherhood to the action of 'treat' and came upon this quote.

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children." ~Nelson Mandela

and I realized that if I could pick just one use of the word treat, it would be this quote. As a a human being.....the thought of children not being treated properly breaks my heart. So for this weeks wish would be that all children are treated with love, respect, guidance, support, nurturing and that all children are feed, clothed, housed and educated....and mostly, allowed to be children for as long as possible and not be rushed into the realm of adulthood. May their innocence and wonder be cared for as well.


Kari said...

This warms my heart.Beautiful!

tracey said...

Really thoughful post. Lovely lovely images you have here on your blog. Such a visual "treat".

Michelle said...

I remember when you first posted that photo after getting back from the photo is the perfect picture and description of a treat!