Thursday, July 06, 2006

Did you say Birdie?????


Emma Sage loves Badminton.......she picked up the game on the 4th of July and all she has been talking about is playing 'Bad-mittons'.....and she just cracks up about the 'Birdie'......

"Mommy, what is this?" holding up the [Birdie]....which did you know is really called a 'Shuttlecock'.....and then laughs and laughs when I tell her it is either called a 'Birdie' or a 'Shuttlecock'.

So, last week her favorite game was Bocce.....and this week, she can't get enough of Badminton.
Getting a good handle of the racket.
Look at that form!!!???!!!
Yes, all good Badminton players use their tongue protruding as a signal that they are about to score!!!!!
Badmitton girl 2
Look at that serve!!!

Badmitton girl
A future Olympian???? I do believe so.....

So my question to you all is this......Do you want to come play a game of Badminton? Momma is getting tired of loosing, and this little girl wants to play all day long. I promise if you come visit and play a few rounds, I'll make you a big glass of Lemonade and fresh baked cookies!!!!


Michelle said...

Sure we'll be right over! :) What cute pictures!

Jessica said...

Me too!! Count me in!!! Definetly a future olympian!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos Tm.

mum2brady said...

I'd come play with Emma Sage in a minute!!! Wish we lived closer :) Are you bringing her with you to SLC? Or is it an alone trip? Let me know if you have time to get toghter :)