Sunday, July 09, 2006

Guess where Little Miss was today?

At a family wedding..........and boy did she [and her whole family] have a glorious time.

Just a few photographs to tie you over......

Watching the party getting set up below.

The Beautiful Bride.....and Lola

Contemplating the possiblity of going into the pool...
Amazing view....this is Uncle Ed and Svetlanas house,,,where they hosted their wedding...truly a magical place.

and I'll leave you with one last one [I still have to upload a bunch....and you know me, a bunch means over 500 shots I took today between the digital and film cameras....but I promise I'll only post a few].

Emma Sage had a blast....she was truly in her element dancing, singing, playing, eating and just being her wonderful, social-butterfly self!

[and I'm one tired Momma]


Michelle said...

Oh she looks absolutely radiant in that party dress!

Gotta love the pic of the strawberry in the mouth too :)

Anonymous said...


mum2brady said...

Looks like it was a beautiful wedding, and Emma Sage looks gorgeous in her fancy dress :)

Love the strawberry :) I love how you capture her every mood on film to share with posterity, and the world through your blog :)

Hugs and smooches to Miss ES :)

mum2brady said...

Emma Sage looks beautiful in her fancy dress, and the wedding looks like it was a blast!!!

I love the strawberry pic - ES's eyes are just gorgeous!!!