Thursday, July 06, 2006


Determination......Emma Sage never gives up,,,she never has. If there is something she wants to do, she works and works till she accomplishes the feat.

It was a big pull up from the rope ladder to the top of the playhouse.....but she did it!

Love the tongue??!!??

That tongue helps with determination I have come to discover, cause every time she is working real hard on a feat,,,,that ol' tongue comes popping out!!!!



Kari said...

Oh and what a cute little tongue it is! I would love to play badmittons (lol) with Miss Emma Sage but unfortunatley Geography is a problem. I'm sure she would beat me I can't hit the birdie if my life depended on it hahahaha :) Love the pictures TM

mum2brady said...

Oh how cute is Miss Emma Sage :) I love her determination and Brady does the same thing with his cute little tongue when he is working hard on something :) He's not quite as determined as Emma Sage to conquer the world though ;) He'd be pretty happy for all of us to just lay ourselves at his feet in servitude LOLOL

Thanks for sharing your beautiful girl with us!!!