Wednesday, July 05, 2006


During the last few days I have reflected on the whole situation with Indy's Child magazine and editorials that still target our children that have Down syndrome as something 'unfortunate' and in need of earlier and earlier prenatal tests to eliminate the burden of continuing a pregnancy that is deemed 'imperfect'.

While I watched Emma Sage playing with cousins and friends, celebrating the 4th of July, I kept thinking about all the people I have met during my journey with Emma Sage in our life, whose beloved children with Trisomy21 have died. Children whose lives were wanted, loved, cherished and missed dearly.

I made this little banner in the memory of all of these beloved children and a reminder to all that all children are blessings.....those with 46 chromosomes and those with 47. Our children are loved and wanted.....and cherished beyond what words can convey. We are fortunate...and truly blessed.

This is Maddy.............she is an angel in heaven, but the love and joy she brought her family and friends will live on forever in their hearts.
A Tribute to an Angel


Debra said...

This is so beautiful. I love her eyes. I also love the pictures of Emma Sage. You do a wonderful job with a camera and capture such a beautiful subject so perfectly.

Hugs to you
Debra and Hope

Betsy said...

What a beautiful little girl! And what a great picture -- I can see those Brushfield spots that proclaim to the world "I have Down syndrome!"

How amazing to look into the eyes of a child and see a "star-filled" soul ready to burst out at you.

Truly one of God' most perfect works of art!

Nicole said...

Hey TM, How do you know Madison? Amy and I have met in real life several times and Maddy's picture hangs on my fridge. WOW! Her story is incredible. HUGS, Nicole

Amy said...

Hey nic, I followed your blog over here and found emmasage's page. I emailed her and told her how much I enjoyed her blog and pictures and all..and a little about maddy. Come to find out, that she remembered maddy from way back..and said she wanted to put up a little piece on here.
Wasn't that so sweet??
I owe it to you, nic!! LOL..for leading me here!!

Hugs to all,

Tara Marie said...

Thanks Debra [and Miss Hope!] and Besty....aren't Maddy's eyes just beautful.....and Nicole; Amy is right....our paths crossing is directly related to you!!!! I remember Amy and Maddy from when I met you online and Amy just caught up with me through your blog!!! A is but a circle of love and friendship!!!!

And someday,,,yes, someday [soon I hope] I will get to meet all four of you in real life, Debra [oh Momma to 12] Betsy, Nicole and Amy!!!

Nicole said...

How fun and beautiful, life is grande! Love to all of you! :)