Monday, November 14, 2005

The Magic of T21

Have you ever had one of those moments in life where you just didn't want the event to end?

Tonight was one of those moments for us.

Emma Sage had dance class. Every week it is truly inspiring and so much fun, but tonight it was absolutely magical [and of coarse I forgot my camera!]

Class tonight was held upstairs with the bigger girls. Emma Sage was completely in her element with the bigger girls [as she just adores her big sisters and is always their little shadow]. The room is huge [in a renovated church] and the floor just glistened and this caught Emma Sages fancy.

She followed completely and was befriended by a few of the bigger girls [they actually seemed to be fighting over who got to work with my peanut]. She danced and twirled and just beamed from ear-to-ear the whole class. This kid has a spirit that is huge....she just radiates from her whole being.

Greta, Otto and I sat off on the side of the stage and we all had permanent smiles plastered across our faces,,,,,,my face actually hurts from smiling so hard.

And the most magical moment of the evening? Watching Emma Sage and a young girl of 13 named Michelle dance across the floor together doing turns,,,,both ballerinas shared that same precious magic,,,,the magic of an extra chromosome on their 21st pair.


BStrong said...

Beautiful. We have had many of those moments. I can just picture Emma floating on the dance floor with the other girls.


Tara Marie said...

Thanks Bstrong,,,,,and you will have to use that imagination cause silly me forgot the camera! [can you believe it! lol!!!]

Before you know it, peanut will be dancing across the room and you'll be grinning from ear to ear!