Monday, November 14, 2005

Calendar 2006

I have a favorite place on the Internet, it is called the reason I love this site is because of my passion for photography. I did a search right after I had joined and found two great groups regarding 'Down syndrome/T21' and have been adding pictures to the group pool.

One of the group founders 'Phototropism / Javier Delgado-Esteban' is trying to put together a calendar for 2006 called People with Down syndrome and is currently taking entries to be chosen for the calendar by popular vote. You can contribute 3 photographs to be considered and you can't vote on your own photos.

I hope those of you who visit this blog will click on this link and check out this amazing community and I hope you dig thorough your photographs and find that precious, perfect picture of your special someone with T21 and submit it for the calendar. Also, I hope that you think about ordering a copy of this upcoming calendar!

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