Monday, October 24, 2005

Scenes from the living room....

Scenes from the livingroom.

Greta comes upstairs to me tonight laughing. She tells me "Come down stairs Mom, you have to see this"

I follow her downstairs and we stop quietly to watch.

Emma Sage is in the middle of the living room with a dolly in her arms. She is having the grandest conversation with said dolly.

"OK, don't be scared, I catch you" Emma Sage says to her dolly

Up in the air the dolly flies, coming down and Emma Sage misses her.

"Ooops, I sorry, I catch you next time" she says

Up in the air the dolly goes again,,,,,plop, down falls dolly to the floor again.

"Oh dolly, I sorry, I catch you again, OK?"

Dolly goes up, dolly comes down. This time dolly is caught.

"See, I catch you, no be scared." And then a big kiss and a hug the dolly gets from her mistress and Greta and I start laughing from our hiding spot.

This kid just cracks me up.


Kim Ayres said...

Beautiful :)

Naomi said...

LOL, that cracks me up.

At least dolly got a kiss better in the end :-)

Tara Marie said...

Thanks Kim!

I know was so funny, she was so gentle and sensere in her talking to her dolly, letting her know that she should be afraid, and then 'plop'.....poor dolly is on the floor. I was laughing thinking how long she would have lasted if we told her 'Don't worry honey, we'll catch you! lol!!!'

She truly is a gentle soul though and my heartmelted as she comforted her dolly!

Claire's mom said...

so sweet... nothing else to say.

Peggy & Claire