Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Beautiful Weekend.....

Make-up, Party dress~~~~fun for all!

We had such a busy, delightful weekend. It started out on Friday with a Tricky Tray, in which our lucky little girl won lots of neat prizes and her brother Otto got to be a runner of the prizes and then went to a sleepover,,,,,,,,,then Saturday, Otto had a soccer game in the rain and there was lots of getting ready as Katrina and Greta had their homecoming dance. Emma Sage was so excited to help the girls put on their make-up, do their hair and put on their pretty party dresses.

All day long Emma Sage kept saying that she wanted to put on make-up, a pretty dress and go dancing.

Well she finally got her wish on Sunday when she got to get all dressed up for her friend Skylars Princess Birthday Party. The invitation was by degree to wear your finest Princess dress and crown and come to Castle Solewater for a Princess Tea Party.

What fun Emma Sage and her sisters had,,,,,,,,as you can see in the photographs below.


Naomi said...

You have really beautiful girls. Looks like they all had fun dancing the night away.

Tara Marie said...

Awe, Thanks Naomi....they are my heart and soul...and I love them dearly. I truly am blessed by beautiful children [inside and out].

Emma Sage looks very much like Katrina and Greta and Otto look very much alike.

Thanks for visiting and commenting! :0)