Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Got Mail!!! I got mail!!!.....

I got mail!!!! I got mail! were the exciting words bubbling out of my little girl today.

Emma Sage loves getting the mail out of the mailbox and always asks "I get mail?" to which I usually have to reply "no". Most times I give her the junk mail so she can open it and''read'.

Well today there was a surprise in the mailbox...............A letter for Miss Emma Sage.

What is truly amazing about this special letter [besides making my little girl so gloriously happy] is that the letter came from someone that we don't know..............or really know in real life. A visitor to our blog saw a picture of Emma Sage at her Nana's mailbox looking for mail and read that Emma Sage loves to get mail and contacted me to ask if they could send a letter.

How cool is this? The Internet is truly an amazing paradigm. I have met so many incredible friends online because my daughter was born blessed with an extra chromosome. People that my life's journey would not have crossed paths with if for not the magic of T21.

So today, Emma Sage's new friend Claire and her Mommy sent a letter [and a butterfly sticker and a picture of Claire [[who is absolutely adorable I must say.........and also sports that designer gene]] and made me little girls day.

She has been walking around with the notecard [a beautiful hand-stamped card no less] and a butterfly sticker that is truly lifelike and a picture of a precious little girl named Claire and telling everyone she comes into contact with "Look, I got mail"............."Mail from my new friend Claire"

So thank you cyberspace for giving us a platform to share our lives.............make new friends...........and let the whole wide world know that Down syndrome/Trisomy 21 is a blessing and not a diagnosis to be afraid of.


Claire's mom said...

Claire is so happy that Emma Sage loved her mail!

Belovedlife said...

It is because of families like yours and ours, because of people like Claire's mom, who are willing to go online and share our lives our ups and downs, that allow the world to be more accepting of our special kids. If only we could be a bit more visible....perhaps Oprah should do a show on blogging or DS....who knows, but it certianly is a great start, not to mention great support, who knows us better then others in similar situations....congrats on the letter, it should be the first of many from many new and great friends.

Rebecca P said...

We would love to write Emma Sage as well, but we don't have your address. My amazing DS baby is 15 months old. She is walking, talking, and into everything. She has far exceeded the expectations of those who felt that having a child with DS was a punishment rather than a beauty. None of the horror stories we heard have been true for us. Elainah is the youngest of 5-she is much loved and I really enjoy reading your blog posts. Emma Sage is a beautiful little girl! We don't have a blog or a website so I don't know how we can connect to exchange any more information-but I would love to send Emma Sage a card or two (big smile).

Tara Marie said...

Awe, Rebecca that would be wonderful, e-mail me at hintz@netcarrier.com and I'll send you our snail mail.

I'd love to learn more about your little girl.

Beloved.....thank you, and it is so true. I truly believe that by us [all of us] sharing our lives with others, the myths of T21/Down syndrome will be shattered and when a person gets the diagnosis of T21 for their unborn/newly born baby, they won't be filled with fear or sorrow, but of wonder and joy!!!

The Field Family said...

We brought home our first DS daughter two nights ago. She just turned four weeks old. We will bring home our second DS daughter in about a week. She is 17 months old.

We would LOVE to send Emma Sage a letter! Please emailm me your address! chandosjoy@gmail.com

CJ Field

Claire's mom said...

CJ... I looked at you website and I want to say what a WONDEFRUL family you have and of course, now, it's only getting better x 2!!!

Beanie Baby said...

You know, I'd love to send her a letter too. I was thinking about that the last time you posted about her love affair with mail--if you're not creeped out by it, send your addy to andrea AT athenadreaming DOT org. :)