Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The one thing about being 'potty trained' is that 'when you gotta go,,,,you gotta go!' Here Emma Sage is telling me with urgancy "Mommy, I got to go potty" and we then had to find the potty. Potty-training for us has been a two year process with the end almost fully realized. We still wear pull-ups at night [although we have most nights dry] and if we are going out for a while and there is likely to be no potty's within quick reach. Other than that Emma Sage is proud to tell you that she is 'dry' and show you her big girl panties!  Posted by Picasa


Naomi said...

That's funny!

when a girls got to go a girls got to go. Great job on being dry.

Belovedlife said...

Emma Sage is gonna shoot you when she is older for sharing such a picture...but it is so cute! COngrats on the potty training, Peanut has time but my middle child James turns three next week, and is still not trained yet :(

Mauzy said...

Our two year process is over too! Yippee to the kids!