Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today has been such a beautiful day [and it is only half over]......the glorious feeling I had from the moment I awoke to a delicious summer, sunny, breezy and just utterly perfect, was echoed again at church. Emma Sage radiates such joy at church, she truly feels the spirit. Today was a baptism, so this Momma's heart always swells with the overwhelming love that only a Mother can feel......a pure unconditional love for your child, every child.

Then our word of the lord today came from Luke 14:7......and it resonated with me.

I choose to be the humble quest, to open my heart, my life to everyone.........not only those who might serve my life some purpose. I choose pure unconditional love and friendship and fellowship.

and then this song came to mind............and I had to share. Being a Mother of a child with different needs has opened my heart and mind in ways I could have never imagined.

But the biggest realization has been that the gift of unconditional love and acceptance are truly the greatest gifts we have.....and ones that are freely bestowed upon us by GOD.

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