Sunday, August 29, 2010

the ebb and flow of life......

~~~life has been very rich and full of late, and at times confusing and overwhelming. I find when I am being swept into the raging currents of the river, it is best for me to just hold on and enjoy the ride, keeping sight in the distance for smoother waters.......whereas that time I can relax a moment and sit and reflect and in the case of my photography and blog, sit and edit and post.

I have also come to find that the paradigm of Facebook, as made it easier for me to leave little snippets of life and the goings on of Emma Sage, her siblings and myself there......thus this blog, this passion of mine to share with the world the normalcy of difference gets neglected.

But, even though we have be moving through currents, they are not all that bad and fact, most of it has been exhilarating and bursting with love and life.

Emma Sage has been having a glorious summer......she is so darn sweet and just the best adaptable child ever. It has been a full year since I had to leave the life I lived [and absolutely cherished] to return to the 'real' world to provide benefits [and income] for my family.

In this time, Emma Sage has accepted these radical changes [I had never, ever been away from her] with such grace and understanding. My days are long, I leave before 8 and return after 6 but this little girl has just gone with the flow.

We now have a new change in her routine about to set forth, as Otto [my little man] was the one who would watch her for me after school until I got home. Well, my little man is growing up and in high school now and a whole world of activities and life awaits him. He is playing football at Voorhees and has informed me that he is planning on running for Freshman Class President. So my wonderful built-in babysitter is no longer available [I was a spoiled and lucky Momma to have such a great son who did this job without pay and without complaint] [although I did surprise him often with Xbox games and Itune cards.....]

I have decided to use the after school program for Emma Sage's care which is run by Camp Bernie YMCA. It is a funny coincidence because this is the same camp where Emma Sage's Daddy worked at in summers during high school and it had been owned at that time by friends of mine.

Momma's heart is heavy at putting her in aftercare, as I was the Mother who all the children whose parents had to work came to after school and I watched for them......allowing them the deliciousness of being in a loving home, with fresh baked goodies and the ability to just 'unwind' after I am sad.

On the other-hand, Emma Sage seems to be quite excited about the prospect of aftercare, so I have been finding the silver-lining in this new adventure.

I am editing photographs this afternoon and it is my hope of hopes to get back into my routine of updating here......sharing all my little imp is up too.

I will sign-off on one funny.

This is Emma Sage's new puppy [more on Rasta to follow]......well, Emma Sage absolutely adores this puppy. They are inseparable. Greta decided to take Rasta to college for a week. The first night Emma Sage cried a bit for her puppy but got over her 'missing her' quickly. The next evening I tell Emma Sage that Greta had called and that Rasta had pee'd on the chair.

Rasta in July 062

Emma Sage laughs and then says "Great, my plan is working"

so I look at her and say "your plan"

and she said "yes, my plan. If Rasta is bad Greta won't want her anymore"


She seriously thought that the puppy peeing was part of her great master plan [not just because she is a young puppy and not 100% trained]



Debbie said...

oh, TM, i know you are now so so busy, and understand (oh, so well!) how you can be short on time (and want to spend it all w/your kids!)...but i am one of the few people in the world not on facebook, so i would love it if you could post a little tidbit of ES and you and the rest of the family here from time to time...i love to hear (and see) what you are up to and i always value your posts...thank you for the ES funny! and, i don't put it past her to have whispered a few "bad dog" secrets into rasta's ear as he went away with greta!!

Anonymous said...

Emma Sage, I love yourbhumor sweetheart! You are such a smart girl!

Kisses from the Philippines,
Cheche Chavez