Wednesday, March 31, 2010

an Emma Sage funny ~~~~

Last Saturday night I had poured a glass of wine. I was busy getting ready to go out and left it on the counter.

A little while goes by and I head into the kitchen to take a sip of wine. As soon as I sipped, I literally spit the wine out into the sink. I look over at the 3/4 full bottle and then kinda of glance into the dining room where Rick was and think to myself [I sure hope he isn't trying to poison me] I dump the goblet of wine out and then just dump the rest of the bottle. It takes me a while to finish a bottle of wine and I have one of those wine stoppers that you pump the air out to keep the wine fresh and I just figured the wine went sour/bad.

Last night Daddy called to talk to Emma Sage and asks me how my wine was the other night? I laugh and said 'why, you trying to poison me' and he laughs and says "no, but the other other I caught out of the side of my eye Emma Sage over near the counter and she had the salt shaker".

I turn to Emma Sage and say "Emma Sage, did you put salt in my wine?"

She looks up at me with those sweet, innocent eyes and says "NO" and then quickly looks away [a tell-tale sign of a fib]

and then I say "Emma Sage" in a little bit of a stern/questioning voice. To which she replies:

"OK, I did it.......I just wanted to make your wine taste better!"


So sadly, I come to learn that I should have sampled the whole bottle, because I was quick to waste perfectly good wine!
Floating wine glass 1


Becca said...

LOL - it sounds like her heart was in the right place! A little bit misplaced, but sweet nonetheless. :-)

Rosa Maria said...

She is so sweet. I wish I could be her age to do things like that again. This is what I call a happy and healthy child.

Marcie said...

That's to cute. In our house we have a rule that you have to at least try the food. If Livija doesn't like it, she doesn't have to eat it, but she has to try it. The other night she poured a LOT of salt in a glass of milk, and asked me to try it when I caught her. I said no, to which Livija responded, "You have to at least TRY it. How do you know you don't like salt in your milk unless you try it?". Yeah, turns out I DON'T like salt in my milk. So true to the house rule, I didn't have to finish the milk.