Thursday, October 01, 2009

October is National Down syndrome Awareness Month

and I am joining in the 31 for 21 ~ where I am going to write 31 blog posts in the Month of October to Celebrate my daughter Emma Sage and everyone else who was born sporting a little extra [chromosome that is] on their 21st pair.

So in the spirit of awareness, check this out:


Josh & Bernadette's Ceremony Highlight from AndyCam Productions on Vimeo.

Someday I envision my daughter, Emma Sage walking down the aisle with her beloved Ryan. Last summer at the NDSC Convention in Boston, Ryan got down on his knees, with a fresh picked petunia in hand and asked Emma Sage to Marry Him!!!! She said YES!!!! Click Here to see photographs of the precious moment.

and then last year at the New York City Buddy Walk, they had their first 'official' date, as they decided that they were going to sit by themselves at the HardRock Cafe'

NYC Times Square Buddy Walk Video

NYC Times Square Buddy Walk Video

and here they are greeting each other after not seeing each other for over a half-a-year......

Kelsey's Birthday August 1 2009 005

All I can say after looking at Josh & Bernadette's Wedding is ~ Mark your calendars for 2025, as Ryan & Emma Sage will be following in the footsteps of this beautiful couple!


Laura said...

Thank you for starting my day off with a big smile! :)

You are so right, when I watched that video, I instantly thought of Ryan and Emma too! Can't wait for the big day, it's going to be one helluva party wedding! ;)

Hope to see you guys on Sunday! :)

Lance Boldt said...

My son Josh once propopsed to a neighbor girl - he had a ring and a box of frozen fish sticks.

Life with a child who has Down syndrome is the best.

6 months after Josh was born with Down syndrome, I attended my first parent group. I was touched by the struggle people were having with “why?” I went to bed with a heavy heart and awoke with this story. I hope you enjoy it.

Bernadette said...

Oh Tara I watched the wedding three times and cried three times I could just see Emma Sage in Bernadetts place.
I am full of goose bumps
I love you all Bernadette

paris said...

never give up on your dreams for your son is going to turn 21 next month. .he will graduate from high school, and is such a responsible, caring strong young man. Chase not only had Down's but was born without a food tube....he has many challenges in his great life....but he is very high functioning with little assistance...reads...goes to his high school dances...plays sports all kinds...better golfer than me...and you know what I think we always had high expectations for him...and he has had great friends all through school even middle school. If someone says he has a handicap...he says I am not handicapped...I am Down's Syndrome...He is my joy... the reason I became an best friend . MY son has taught me what is important in life .... I feel blessed to be his mom enjoy your journey