Saturday, October 17, 2009

31 for 21..........Siblings

Well, I realize that I have not been 'writing' much about living and loving life with Emma Sage. So what is my excuse? Really, nothing, but everything.

Life has been busy, very, very busy.....and this Momma tends to file away all the photographs that I take daily [and let me tell you, the bandwidth for my .jpeg files is quite large] and say "I'll get to them later....I'll sit and post later." Well, later comes and this tired Momma is snuggled in bed before 9pm these days; as 6am rolls around way faster than it did when I was younger.

Yes, I'm getting old and not able to keep up with everything as well as I did in my younger days. This whole 40-something, 4 children, a house, a spouse [who looking for a job, ie. extra work for me assisting in this whole process] 3 dogs, 3 cats and lots of activities.....Oh, yeah, and I forgot, a job outside the home that now has me away from my beloved little cottage over 10 hours a day.

So ~ 9pm is bedtime and this blog has been neglected.

Good news is: this is the only thing being neglected!

But I realize every night, after Emma Sage is finished her homework, squeaky-clean from her bath and cuddling with me after her big pile of books and she begins to tell me stories of her days, of her adventures, of her likes and dislikes.....of her dreams!!!! I realize all the funny and delightful conversations that we have and that I really must be writing down and sharing on her blog [as this is her journal of her life] and as history has shown us all.......time has a way of letting us forget, especially the delightful and wonderful details of childhood.

So here is a little gem to share.

Emma Sage has found her siblings 'All About Me' books that they each made in 1st grade. She loves to read them and re-read them. She also has one that she made about herself........these are cute little books that the curriculum has included that each child is interviewed during their 'Star of the Week' and then their classmates write and illustrate a facet of their classmate. The books are then laminated and spiral bound. One of my favorite treasures of the kids school journey.

Well, this morning, Katrina is getting ready for work. She walks in on Emma Sage and I in the bathroom doing her hair and says "How does this outfit look?" and continues "My favorite color is black" I smile and say it is an adorable outfit [it was, cute and trendy and since she is managing the girls clothing store Justice....perfect for work].

Emma Sage on the other hand, stops completely what we are doing and says - very sternly "Black is NOT your favourite color, wait right here, I'm going to get Katrina's book"....she walks into the TV and Katrina and I start to giggle, as we realize what she meant......she gets out Katrina's 1st grade book and opens to the page that says "Katrina's favorite color is purple" and comes back into us to prove that she is write and that Katrina is wrong!!! hahahahahahaha

We laughed so hard!!!

Thank you Emma Sage for setting your sister right!!!!!


Chris said...

Love this post. Love the "All About Me Books" that my girls did too. I often wonder if John will get to the point where he will be able to tell me about his day, about what he thinks and how he feels. When I compare him to my girls at the same age; it is so different. They told me EVERYTHING. Not much mystery there. John is still somewhat a mystery to me. I still feel there is so much in there that I don't know. I look forward to the day when his outer voice will be able to share what his inner voice has been saying all of these years.

Oh, and my girls thought it was so cool that Katrina worked at Justice. It is Julia's favorite store.

Hope you are taking time to give yourself a little TLC; you sound like one very busy lady. Someone once told me to be stressed means your blessed. A busy life is full life.

Sasha said...

That's such a cute little story:) sound so busy. You definately have your hands full

What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

Anonymous said...

That is so perfect! Thanks for sharing and never apologize for neglecting the blog! We know you're busy and so you should rest!
And Chris- He will be able to share it someday- wasn't long ago I felt exactly the same way about the inner voice and the outer voice~ Now I find myself actually having to tell my daughter to stop talking and go to sleep!