Thursday, October 29, 2009

31 for 21

I started this blog about our journey with our daughter, Emma Sage, six years ago as a way of sharing with the world the 'Normalcy of Difference'

Emma Sage is now eight years old and is an amazing little girl. Her life journey has been filled with so many exciting adventures. She loves life and is not shy about living it to the fullest.

For us, Down syndrome has been a different journey, but one that has been embraced and celebrated and one that I would not change for the world, even if I had the opportunity to do so.

Emma Sage has a way of touching people’s lives……and that I believe is one of her greatest gifts.

I get e-mails and notes, that bring me such great joy.......from parents who have found their way to this blog and by doing so, it has given them a special gift, a glimpse in my daughters life, which is a life well lived......because it is her life and we are here to love her, nurture her and celebrate her for exactly who she is. These notes and e-mails are the reason I blog, as when I first was alerted to the fact that my baby might have Down syndrome, I wanted a 'glimpse' and at that time, the Internet was new and there were not many family blogs/websites out there that focused on their child with Down syndrome. I had found a wonderful online community at ParentsPlace, but there were really not any other communities out there....slowly that began to change.

One website that I found, and visited again and again, was the site of my dear friend Betsy. Betsy has a wisdom about life that is so powerful and beautiful. Her daughter Paige is a beautiful little girl who is loved dearly.

So, as I finish up this months celebration of Trisomy 21 [aka. Down syndrome] I wanted to say 'Thank you' all the Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends....I have met along this journey.

I want to thank Barbara Patton, who through sharing the love she had for her little brother, my first real 'glimpse' into Down syndrome. I want to thank the producers of 'Life Goes On' for producing a mainstream TV show staring a young actor with Down syndrome and a wonderful 'glimpse'....I want to thank Nicole, who was the first person to reach out to me when I posted a question about 'nuchal translucency' and for sharing your precious daughter with me and giving me a 'glimpse' and I want to thank all the people who are now blogging and journaling about Down syndrome, as I believe, this is the greatest way to advocate and celebrate.

Happy Down syndrome Awareness Month...........may the awareness last all year


Michelle said...

Indeed...may the awareness last all year! Love yah!

amy flege said...

yes may it last forever! i gave you an award on my blog too!

JennyH said...

You are a great promoter... well, and Emma Sage!

Hope you had a great Down syndrome awareness month.

Betsy said...

Awww- I'm just reading this now. I love you and your little girl dearly - and am forever grateful that a little tiny extra little 'x' on a piece of paper handed to me more than a decade ago has changed my life so wonderfully.

Who would have ever guessed the power of that 'x' - to bring hearts together, to make sisters out of strangers, to make hearts nearly burst open with joy every day.

One day when (not if) I meet you, I will be sure to say thank you to Miss Emma Sage - for the wonderful gift of her Mom in my life.