Tuesday, October 27, 2009

31 for 21 - Pure Joy

Pure Joy…….

I'm not a wordsmith or writer by any stretch of the imagination. I journal about my life journey raising my children, more specifically in this blog, about my youngest daughter who was born sporting an extra chromosome on her 21st pair.

I find that photographs are the best way for me to help tell part of our story, as a photograph says a thousand words……..and these ones that I took the other day show the expression of 'Pure Joy' that Emma Sage exhibits daily.

Last night, after dropping Otto off at Boy Scouts we had one of those moments that just radiated her joy…..her pure joy of life.

Emma Sage is very independent and she likes to do things herself……and of course I oblige, as raising strong, confident and independent children is part of my focus as a mother [it is in the job description so I have read]. She wanted to stop and get 'nick-nacks'…..orange ones. [ie Tick-Tacks] so we stopped at the pharmacy and Emma Sage grasped her money tightly in her hand and headed into the store on her own [we are able to park so we can watch her every move] .

She gathered up her 'nick-nacks' and something else we could not tell and paid for her purchase, chatting away with the clerks and then headed back out to us waiting in the car. She skipped out, smiling from ear-to-ear and brought her purchases to the car. A pack of gum for her sister "It is your favorite kind" she says……and a quick little 'shake' of her 'nick-nacks' and the giggle and smile that just melts your heart.

october2009thingsandsuch 041
Pure Joy……..the only words perfect enough to describe a moment in the life of my little girl.


Michelle said...

Love this picture of Emma Sage!

Brandie said...

I love her independence! I'm finding it a hard quality in a 2 year old. Its nice to see it won't always be this way!

Monica Crumley said...

My goodness, she's growing up. What a beautiful girl, full of her independent spirit. Love it!