Saturday, May 09, 2009

Eight years old.....

My baby girl is Eight years old.....oh, how can that be?

It seems like yesterday, it was a realization that your little soul was on its way into our hearts.

Just like her, Emma Sage's 8th Birthday was a Magical one. This child truly radiates joy.

She started her day going to her dancing class, which she and movement, what could be a more glorious combination.

She got a phone call from her beau, Ryan,,,,,,,and you should have heard her giggling during the call, and how sweet the two of them are with each other.

Trying on Daddy's helmet

Our little biker chick:


We then headed home for lunch and she asked to attend the Art and Music festival along the river by our off we went.

Down by the river......

and she danced, danced, danced......

Playng Lucky Ducks......and she is one Lucky Duck!!!!

It was so cute....a little girl came up to Emma Sage and said "Oh, you have the most perfect dress" She loves it because when she dances it spins......

One of her favorite things....getting her face painted.

Oh, how this child melts my heart.

She got a phone call from her other beau, Nash, and this is a picture I captured of her on the phone....too cute!!!!
One the phone with Nash.....sorry Ryan, I was driving when she was talking to you on the phone and couldn't take a picture of the big smile she had on her face for you.

Then her request for her favorite food in the world.....Japanese.

Happy Birthday Emma Sage........We love you dearly and are so blessed that you are our daughter!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Emma Sage :) What a lovely, lovely girl. And that IS the most perfect dress!

Flee said...

Happy Birthday Emma Sage! You are a lovely little lady! I have a daughter Katie who is 8 and also has DS. I am preparing to battle for her to be in a regular education class. You and your Mom are my inspiration!!

Loren Stow said...

Happy Birthday Emma Sage - your mommy is right - you are beautiful and you are magical! I love your dress too - I think it is very pretty!

Monica @ Monkey Musings said...

I love your dancing dress... such a beautiful color on you. I also love the face painting. Happy 8th Birthday, Emma Sage! ANd Happy Mother's Day to your mommy.

Kim Ayres said...


datri said...

Happy Birthday Emma Sage! A beautiful day, a beautiful dress, a beautiful girl!

Kleidy said...


Many Blessings to you ~

Cammie Heflin said...

Happy Birthday Emma!

Nan P. said...

Emma, I too love dancing, and long flowy dresses like yours are perfect for dancing, aren't they? You are truely a beautiful girl... Happy birthday.

And a happy Birth Day to your mom.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl! And Happy Mother's day to you Tara Marie!

My name is Sarah said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Emma Sage. I love your dress. You looked like you had a great time.

bernadette said...

I am so happpy you are back I missed you,
Happy Birthday Emma Sage you are growing up so fast. I have to come and visit you soon.
I so loved all the pictures especially the one of you dancing with your beautiful dress on. Give your Mommy a kiss for me and tell her Happy Mothers Day. Love and kisses Bernadette

Melissa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA SAGE!! Looks like you had such a lovely time, just like you;)

ALSO, Hope that you had a great Mother's Day Mom!;)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Emma Sage!!


JennyH said...

Happy 8th birthday Emma Sage. You are so beautiful!

Becca said...

Happy, happy birthday, Emma Sage!! Wow, what a perfect way to celebrate! You are truly an inspiration.

All 4 My Gals said...

She is so precious! I need to hit blogs more often. I 've missed all the pics!