Sunday, April 26, 2009

A funny.....

Ummmm,,,,Ice Cream
This was taken at Emma Sage's favorite Ice Cream shoppe.

Now, every time we pass Gronsky's Milk House, Emma Sage informs us that is where she is going to work when she grows up.

So, the other day, Emma Sage announces to Greta that "she is going to work at Gronsky's when she grows up!"

Greta asks "Why do you want to work there?"

and Emma Sage says "Because I can get free ice cream!"

Greta says "You don't want to do that, you'll get fat!"

to which Emma Sage replies "I'm not going to EAT IT ALL!!!!!"


We have been well, just very, very busy. I have been finding I have a hard time getting everything together this time of the year. Busy taking photographs, busy planting flowers and vegetables, busy with children and school and activities.

We are here.....thinking of you all, and hoping you'll keep popping by as I promise lots of updates soon.

Enjoy this glorious time of the year.


FBF Rothkopf said...

Well DUH, mom, if she ate all the ice cream, they wouldn't have any left for the paying customers!

Love the photo, as usual!

Nan P. said...

I love her logic!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! Funny girl! :) :) :)
I think working at an ice cream shoppe sounds like so much fun! I probably would eat all the ice cream though, so Emma Sage is wiser than me! :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

oooh, the above note was from me :D


Maggie said...

Oh I want to scrap this photo and memory!!!

How is Emma doing these days? Is she fully recovered?

Maggie (Fran's evil "twin")

datri said...

LOL! Actually, I did work at an ice cream shop and gained 50 pounds!

Anonymous said...

Emma looks up and at'em and I know I couldn't work at an ice cream shop and not get fat-ter! How cute! It is rather hectic isn't it? Spring and late summer- oh and then the holidays... all crazy busy. Thanks for the beautiful pic!

JennyH said...

That is a funny story. Love the pic.

I agree- SO much to do. It's a great time of year to be outside playing instead of on the computer!

Frani_54 said...

So cute, she's learning early that everything is exceptable in moderation....;>)


Kim Ayres said...

I was so sure I'd left a comment here already!

Wonderful comment (and photo) :)

Emma said...

I just LOVE the things she says! Such a sweet and witty little girl! :D