Friday, February 06, 2009

The Power.....

of the Internet to me, is this incredible ability we have to share, with ourselves, others, the world ~ thoughts, feelings, ideas, emotions.

One of my favorite bloggers shared a piece called 'Turn the Lens Around' and shared the video below......she found the video on the site of another of my favorite bloggers in her piece,'Outside the Box' ......who found the video because of another of my favorite bloggers. and so it goes...isn't the internet incredible.

If you have been a visitor of Emma Sage for a while, you might see a theme that has been a driving force for me in writting this blog and sharing our life with our daughter with others.

In my daugther I, grace, faith, hope, joy, laughter, strength and even weakness. In my daughter I see HUMANITY.


Tricia said...

I should have shown you that a LONG LONG time ago. It's perfect considering so many things, but it always HAS reminded me of Emma Sage!!! I can't believe I never mentioned it before! Glad you found it!

Anonymous said...

It is incredible and magical just like Emma Sage! The internet makes us all connected in a way that warms my heart.

Ssejors said...

Wow! This is a band called Sigur Ros!

I saw them perform live in a Cathedral in Vancouver many years ago and they have always been a very personal favorite of mine. Not many people have heard of them. I am going to steal your post if you don't mind. I would love to share this video. It's strange that I have never seen this video before now.