Friday, February 06, 2009

Beth's Sunrise......

Beth's sunrise

This was a moment of the sunrise that I witnessed the morning my cousin Beth left her earthly bounds.

I love to watch the sunrise.......because I am usually up before it and get to marvel at the splendor of it....from the beginning sounds of the wildlife that is also anticipating its arrival, to the incredible colors that only last a short while, swirling and changing as the brilliance of the sun finally pushes through.

My cousin Beth spent the last few weeks of her life at a Hospice Hospital right on the Long Island Sound....with a great big window that overlooked the water and the perfect view of the sunrising in the east.

The sunrise was a connection that the two of us could both witness and feel, and then share our thoughts together later in the day, via her Caringbridge site.

So, on Wednesday morning, while I was out walking one of the dogs and gathering kindling.....this was the view that unfolded in front of me. I had to capture this one on film. [I don't always carry my camera with me, especially in the cold, icy weather, as I don't want to slip and break it] but this morning I had a feeling it was going to be a beautiful one.

Around 8 a.m. that same morning the phone was my cousin Fred [the man with my cousin Beth in the photograph below] to tell me that Beth had left her earthly bounds at 5:48 a.m. that morning......about 10 minutes before the sunrise.

So, see this sunrise for what it is.........a beautiful reminder that life is very precious.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your cousin. It's been a difficult year it seems like to me?

Tara Marie said...

Thank you starrlife......she was a beautiful soul. So positive and full of life, even as she struggled, she had the ability to lift up others. Truly a beautiful soul.

It does seem like a difficult year or two doesn't it? and it has been filled with great losses and beautiful beginnings [I've lost my Mother, her sister, my beloved Aunt, my father-in-law, a nephew, and many other wonderful people who are dearly missed]. I think that it is just life...the ebb and flow and the understanding that all of those facets are what make up a life.....birth, death, are just two facets that none of us are immune from. It hurts sometimes so much so......but then I realize that hurting can be a good thing if we learn from it, especially respect, compassion and thanks for every moment we have.

I wanted to e-mail you, about your post below and Miss Emma Sage and her comment about 'special needs'. Send me an e-mail sometime....or if I can get my act together and make a conherent post that is of some substance, I will post about it.

Enjoy your weekend.......I'm thinking that this weekend is one that needs to be filled with lots of relaxation and warm fuzzy blankets!

Anonymous said...

oh Tara Marie, I'm so very sorry to hear about Beth. My thoughts are with you and all that knew this beautiful lady.

What a truly stunning sunrise - one you will always remember.

Take care,
Much love,

Nan P. said...

A beautiful moment captured and shared. Sunrises are magical. Thank you.

All 4 My Gals said...

I"m sorry that another loved one has left this earth. The sunrise is beautiful and truly a gift. Love you honey!