Saturday, December 20, 2008


When I look back, I am so impressed again with the
life-giving power of literature.

If I were a young person today, trying to gain a sense of
myself in the world, I would do that again by reading,
just as I did when I was young.~ Maya Angelou ~


Jeanne said...

How lovely all your photographs and quotes and all you share.
Blessings and much love at Christmas and always
Love Jeanne

All 4 My Gals said...

You can go anywhere and be anybody through books. I love seeing that passion come out in my girls. HUGS

Becca said...

Such a beautiful photo. Samantha is only 2 1/2, but obsessed by books and the alphabet. She only got one toy for Christmas, and it's an electronic one that teaches phonics. Everything else was books, books, books. Wonderful, fitting quote, and an inspiration to all.