Saturday, December 20, 2008

Exciting times......

Well, two years ago, I was excitedly sharing Katrina's wonderful news of her acceptance to college. I can't believe she has already finished her third semester of college [and she is loving it]

So now it is Greta's turn to celebrate her acceptances..........her list is longer than Katrina's [as Katrina had one school that she was in love with and applied with a binding early decision] Greta on the other hand is unsure exactly where she wants to go, knows her major [she is planning on pursuing a degree as a Nurse-Practitioner or Nurse-anaesthiologist ] but where she wants to get that degree is another story. She has had schools courting her and offering her waived application fee and priority scholarship opportunities, so she is taking advantage of that. Which means she might be going to school anywhere along the east coast, as she has applied from as far South as Florida to as far north as New Hampshire.

Here are her first acceptances......

She might be student at:




seton hall

These are her first three acceptances ~~ Exciting times, I say, very exciting times.


starrlife said...

Hey we were just up in Hanover,NH for Revels! Nice place- great job mom and Greta!

Cousin Beth said...

Dartmouth is one of the places that real cutting edge research is being done on the triple negative metastatic breast cancer cell type I have is being done.
Go Greta!

All 4 My Gals said...

Congrats to her!