Friday, November 21, 2008

The use of Ginkgo, Prozac and Focalin as a "treatment" for Down syndrome

A combination of drugs recommended for depression and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder is being widely promoted as a "treatment" for Down syndrome. There is no scientific support for the routine use of this protocol by people who have Down syndrome. It is important that families and healthcare professionals are aware of the lack of evidence for safety and benefits from use of this protocol.

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Thank you Nicole for sharing this.

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Anonymous said...

I've been to the website recommending this protocol to "improve" our children. I am not against supporting my child's optimum functioning in life- no different than any other mother but I work in psych and I would be extremely cautious about those psych meds. Meds are overused for all children, in my opinion. But I don't judge someone who wants to try- please be very careful! I don't think a bit of Gingko could hurt but I do know that it is rather caffeine like in it's actions. In fact all of the protocol contents are energizing/speed like except for the lecithin (long p one). That is a very strong statement from many well respected Dr's! Thanks Tara for posting it.