Friday, November 21, 2008

Me and My Best Friend

I did not take this was taken at the NDSC Convention in Boston this past summer.

I was looking at their website tonight and stumbled across this, that I just had to share.

These two adore each other and I am so Thankful that they live close enough that they get to share their friendship in real life play dates. We will be seeing Devany this upcoming Sunday at the Princeton University Disability awareness conference.

emmasage and devany in Boston

and I realized that I have photographs to go through from this past spring, up until now......I must find some time to go through them and upload them here. as Emma Sage has had lots of adventures and I really must share!


Cortney said...

What a great thing to have friends close. How did the Dr. Apt go last week? Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

2 very pretty little girls...
BFF's! :)
cousin Linda

datri said...

We ended up not going to the Princeton Conference. Too hectic a weekend and it looked like the speakers were geared towards the NJ educational system, which does me no good here in NY, LOL. Maybe next year, although they are probably tired of me cancelling every year! How was it?

Laura said...

Hey Tara! As always, it was wonderful seeing you at conference. Here are links to all the pictures I took, some really adorable ones of Emma and Eli acting out Cinderella:

See you soon!!