Thursday, April 17, 2008

The wonder.....

Springtime, what a glorious time of the year.....everything is blossoming and blooming and there are lots and lots of little babies to marval at.

Emma Sage was just captivated yesterday at Ms. Bonnie's farm watching the newborn babies of every shape and bunnies, new goats, new calfs, new horses.

When Ms. Bonnie asked the girls in her riding class what they should name the new born foal, Emma Sage replied 'EMMA'!!! I think we don't have a self-esteem problem at to make she she doesn't get too sure of herself!

Lost in thought


Kim Ayres said...

Ha! Well what better name is there in the word than your own?

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

That is too cute! I think Emma would be a perfect name!

Anonymous said...

I think 'Emma' is a perfect foalie name!! :)

It's funny that it's spring time over where you are, and yet here we're starting to get cold in autumn (fall) and the leaves are changing colours and everything is starting to disappear for the upcoming winter!

I hope you and Emma Sage continue to enjoy the beauty of spring :)