Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sweet Girl

The night before the tree incident, I took Emma Sage and her friend AJ to see Midieval Times dinner show.

I has so many wonderful images to share from this fun event, but will have to upload the pictures when I'm not so tired.

But I do have to say that Miss Emma Sage was in her element at the castle.....she was truly a princess. She curtsied to everyone she passed.....people were stopping to say 'hello' and the King of the show took a liking to her and treated her like she was truly his 'Princess'......

But this image is the one that really caught me, as Emma Sage is a very spiritual girl and always pauses to pray.....and this time I caught her on film praying......for the knight 'the Kings son' who got captured. She was very concerned and stopped to pray to GOD that he was safe.

Does that not just melt your heart?



Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful!

Laura said...

Yep, she sure is a beauty!

Those pictures below are terrifying....Thank God she's ok.

Christina said...

That is very sweet! I noticed you homeschool?( I think) How is that working for you with Emma? I am considering taking my girls out of the public school system and I am REALLY nervous about it.

Little Miss E said...

She's such an angel! She has a wonderful little spirit within her (ok, a wonderful HUGE spirit!)