Saturday, April 26, 2008

By the Grace of God

On Thursday morning, the weather was sunny and beautiful, but the wind was a bit brisk.

It was like a slow motion horror film as I watched the random incident unfold.

Emma Sage was around back [we live in a bank house, so the front of the house and first floor of the house which is on the ground level out front, is actually the second level around back. She was back hula-hooping [like you couldn't guess that was her current favorite past-time these days] and I was standing on the front walkway, waiting for Ben to get off the bus.

Our neighors down the field had a big dump truck picking up building debris [so there was noice and some loud bangs coming from their house]......the wind had picked up and was quite brisk.

All of a sudden I hear this very loud noice......a creeking. I quick turn towards the neighbors house to see what could be making that noise, and as I'm looking I realize that it is coming from the huge Sugar Maple next to our porch. The noice was so loud, but I could not fathom exactly what was happening, as I saw nothing moving....just hearing what soundled like a huge wooden board being smashed. I look over and there is Emma Sage hula-hooping and looking up in terror.

A third of the tree gave away in the woods [and under the weight of all the blossoming leaves] and was heading right towards where Emma Sage was playing.

My heart stopped and I screamed......


At this point I could not see Emma Sage, but just witnessed the tree falling exactly where she was standing.

By the Grace of God she was I saw her crying hysterically and escaping the branches that surrounded her.
This is the view that I watched......I was standing exactly where I am when I took this picture later.......Emma Sage was down a level right smack in line where the tree fell.

Thank goodness she was down a level, as I believe that [and the angels who surrounded her] are what saved my little girl from an unspeakable accident.

Emma Sage came crawling out of all these branches up towards me.....crying.

When she got up to me she said "My heart is Beeping"......

I can just imagine how hard her heart was 'Beeping'.....

and here is where my little girl was hula-hooping as the tree came crashing down around her........
It was a like a halo that surrounded her, keeping her safe.

The pile of wood that Rick cut up as he was trying to clean up from this freaky accident.

All I can say is that I am so grateful that my little girl was safe and unharmed.....

and that it took 10 years off my life watching the events unfold.


RK said...

Oh my goodness... how very scary!! I'm so very glad she is ok! Those pictures are just amazing. I'd have nightmares, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!
The pic of Emma Sage's hula hoop under the branches is just terrifying!
How absolutely frightening for both you and your little girl.
Your little one definitely has angels taking very, very good care of her.

Lots of love,

PS: take special care of yourself, Tara Marie - you must be feeling very shaken up after seeing that happen.

Anonymous said...

It's just unbelievable...I don't even have words except Thank God she's OK.
Chris (Nana's mom)

Carey said...

Thank heavens your little girl is safe. My heart was beeping to as i read this. How scary that must have been for her and for you.

Amy & Emma said...

My heart just stops looking at these pictures! I'm so thankful your girl is safe. Her angels were working overtime that day.

Kim Ayres said...

That was terrifying just sitting here reading and seeing the pictures. It must have been one of the most terrifying moments of your life. I am so relieved she's OK, and I'm not surprised you feel you aged 10 years in that moment

Anonymous said...

Yikes! That must have been awful. I can picture Emma hula hooping away, not a care in the world when WHAMMO!
Not good.
You were very fortunate that she wasn't hurt.
Did you notify your homeowners insurance company? We had a big split oak fall down during a thunder storm. Insurance paid to have somebody split up the wood for firewood and they paid to replace the fence that got flattened and to fix the landscaping.

Shelley said...

Oh dear - I am so glad that Emma Sage was safe - I guess she has quite a few guardian angels looking out for her too.

Tricia said...

That is awful! How scary for you and poor Emma Sage! Those pictures just SHOW how something so absolutely horrifying was averted. I am so glad all are ok.

Archie said...

Wow, my heart skipped a beep reading this. So glad everyone's safe.

Kari said...

I was horrified reading this TM Thank goodness she is ok. I can't imagine the horror you felt at that moment before she climbed out. I believe in Angels and am very pleased she was surrounded.

Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

Wow! MY heart is beeping! I can't imagine how she escaped unscathed, except that she clearly does have a guardian angel. I'm so glad you are all OK!

Betsy said...

oh my goodness - I can't even imagine the terror you must have felt. Its almost impossible to imagine she escaped without being hurt. Those pictures make my heart beep too - and I knew the outcome!


Traci said...

That is horrible! I think it took a few years off of my life just reading about it :( Thank God she is okay- she was definitely being protected by her angels.

Michelle said...

by the grace of God indeed! Wow Tara Marie, how scary that must have been to witness that all happening; I can't even imagine going through that. Thanking God she is ok!

Love her hair cut too - so adorable!

Are you guys planning on being in Boston for the convention? Sure would love to meet you and ES! said...

Ah! My heart is 'beeping' just reading this!

I am soo thankful she is safe.

akakarma said...

How scary for both of you- I think my heart would've stopped! What a story!