Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bunny Hole - Oldwick Magic Shop

We have been going to the bunny hole since Katrina's first Easter. It is a family tradition of ours....and sadly, this year two of my children were not with me on our outing. Katrina is at college and Greta and her friend Kristen when to Florida during their Spring break to visit.

So Emma Sage, Otto and their cousin Mikey and I all headed off to the Bunny hole on Friday [World Down syndrome Day] and had a great little visit. The original Bunny hole was so went up steps to the second floor of the shop and in the dark went through the hole and witnessed little vignettes that 'peeked' into scenes right out of Beatrix Potter.....the bunny family having tea.....the fox family in their little den reading books...etc. Then you went through a two little slides, ending on the big long slide [that is still part of the Bunny hole] but now [I assume because of fire codes] the whole is just a dark little room that has Vignettes in the middle and a few around the sides of the circular room. is still Magical and a wonderful outing that I know that Emma Sage will take each year in the spring before Easter arrives.

Running to the Magic Shop
Running up to the Magic Shop.....excited to get to the Bunny Hole
Mr. Bunny at the Bunny Hole
Hello Mr. Bunny

Sliding down out of the Bunny hole
Sliding down the Bunny Hole Slide

Bunny hole
One of the Vignettes
Bunny Hole - Oldwich Magic Shop

Shopping for a special treat
Shopping for a treat....

Miss Independance

off to pay for her treat...

Off to find the cashier

Off to find the cashier, as the first place she checked was not the check-out.......Of coarse I can't 'help' her as she has to do everything by herself [go away Mom]
Mom, I can do this myself

Miss Independance

This woman was so sweet and started 'Chatting' with Emma Sage.....
Chatting with a new friend

Even getting down to Emma Sage's level to talk with her......Emma Sage was just enjoying all this attention and her being able to shop by herself!!!

All Done
All Done......


Oldwick General Store

General Store for a drink and a sandwich.....

Catch me if you can
aCatch me if you can.........this is Emma Sage's favorite thing [well, one of her favorite things] to and make me chase after her!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a special Easter tradition!! The Bunny Hold looks like an exciting place to visit! No wonder Emma Sage looks like she's having a great time! :)


PS: I like the pink horse above the door!! :D

Christina said...

Man I wish we had one of those places near me...Looks neat! Happy Easter!

Nicole said...

What a precious tradition. That independence we have strived for has definitely taken ahold, don't you think? HUGS

Gabi's Mommy said...

What a wonderful place! Wish there was something like that around here, we could use a little magical pick me up at holidays.

Emma Sage is as beautiful as ever! Glad it was such a great day!

Happy Easter:)

Kari said...

Looks like a magical place to visit around Easter time.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

What a beautiful series of pictures!

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd heard about the Bunny Hole when my children were younger. I just may go anyway. Are there other things do do in Oldwick beside checking out the magic Shop and the General Store?

Tara Marie said...

Thank you all for the comments [we love comments]

Allie...isn't that horse wonderful...I've been in love with it for so long. I keep thinking one of these days I want to make one for my house.

Jill.....the Magic shop is also an antique store, it is all to benefit the Bonnie Brae school for boy in Liberty Corner, NJ.

There really is nothing else in Oldwick [except for Melicks orchard in the summer and fall] but near by is the town of Clinton and that is a wonderful quaint town with great shopping and an art museum