Monday, February 25, 2008

When you wish upon a star.....

Emma Sage loves the night-time sky. So do I.

We watched the lunar eclipse the other night.....reading books [I had taken out a bunch of different books at the library last week that had the 'moon' as their main topic] and then did our own 'science' project with a flashlight and some balls to show her exactly how the moon was getting 'covered' by the earth.

So tonight, we were outside and she looks over towards the east to see the moon [last nights moon rising was just beautiful] and it is not there yet. She looks up into the night sky and exclaims.......

"A shooting star....I see a shooting star"

As I turn to look up, she proceeds with:

"I have to make a wish upon the star" she then clasps her hands in prayer and says

"I wish I was not afraid of the big wolf"........I had to hold in my she was so very serious.

She has had this obsession with the 'wolf' since we went to the symphony the other week to see 'Peter and the Wolf'....and the costume the boy wore who was the wolf, was quite amazing....and a bit ~ scary.

So, now I am hoping that that lucky star grants her her little girls should not be afraid of the big, bad wolf!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Awww! Well I bet the big bad wolf was pretty scary!

Jeanne said...

Big hugs
Here's to wishes on stars and every good thing from Heaven~
Love Jeanne ^j^

Kari said...

LOL on the wolf. Emma Sage your adorable!

Kat said...

hahahahha.... well im sure that having her big sister call her and talk in a scary voice doesnt help much either.. hehehe

misss her <3

Tara Marie said...

Thank you all for your comments....we love comments!

Katrina,,,yes, having a big sister that likes to scare you makes for wolves to seem very scary. She was so afraid of the costume from the symphany a few weeks ago when we went with Aunt Patti...she loved the production but the costume was intense...Miss you!