Monday, February 25, 2008


This child always makes me smile:

The other day we were heading to New York City.....listening to music, talking. We get off of the turnpike and 'bam'...Traffic.

I say "Oh no, we hit traffic"

a few moments later I get a question from Emma Sage.

"Mommy, what is traffic?"

I turn back to look at her, and her sweet little face is full of interest.

I explain that all the cars trying to merge together and get into on lane [and not moving] is traffic. She then asks me "How I hit it" to which I explain that it was just a figure of speech, that I really did not 'hit' it, but we approached it and are now stuck in it.

She is just so observant. We live in a rural area, and don't travel often in the car to congested areas, so she really did not know what 'traffic' was......

But now she does!!!!

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