Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sweet Lullaby

Sweet dreams....
As the sun sets
The day comes to an end
And the sky sparkles with stars
The world is at rest
All sleep peacefully
As I sing my sweet lullaby
My gentle voice
Travels around the world
I sing you to sleep
Hear my sweet lullaby
Feel my arms around you
As I hold you close
To my beating heart
I kiss you softly
On your baby cheek
I sing my sweet lullaby
In my sweetest voice
Hear me sing to you
Hear the message in my song
My lullaby to you
Is the love in my beating heart
That I give to you
As my lullaby grows sweeter
And my words more powerful
A choir of sweet angels
They join me
And we sing together
We all sing my sweet lullaby
Sweetly to you
My precious little one
My lullaby is sweet
Becoming sweeter
And more powerful
Angels joining me
As I continue to sing
My sweet lullaby
Hear my angelic voice
Hear the love in my singing
Feel the love in my lullaby
As I still hold you tightly
I will never leave you
Because I love you
So I will keep holding you
And I will keep singing to you
I will sing for an eternity
And my sweet voice
Will only grow sweeter
The love in my song
And in my arms
Will only grow stronger
I will only love you more
And you are more precious to me
Than yesterday
You will only be more precious to me
As the days go by
I will keep singing to you
And I will sing more sweetly
As time passes by
Hear me sing to you
Hear the message in my lullaby
Feel my love growing stronger
As I hold you in my arms
Hear the sweetness in my voice
Growing stronger as I sing to you
My sweet lullaby
The stars will sparkle
The moon will shine her light
And I will still love you
As I sing sweetly to you
My sweet lullaby
~Author Unknown

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amy flege said...

oh that is soo sweet tara marie!!!