Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Calculus of Worthiness

The Calculus of Worthiness

Mike Cave
(December 29, 1947 – January 13, 2008)

"If you don't understand what he's saying to you, the worst thing you can do is just say 'Yes' or 'OK.'" And with those instructions, I, the new pastor at FBC Farmersville, embarked upon my relationship with Mike Cave in 1999. Mike was born with Down Syndrome. The doctors told his father and mother that Mike wouldn't live to celebrate his tenth birthday. He outlived them both (and the doctor, to boot).

Upon my arrival in Farmersville, I found that Mike loved to come to church (although he wasn't nearly as fond of the getting-up-in-the-morning that coming to church required). He loved to sing. Mike sang with gusto. The notes weren't quite right. The words weren't quite right. Mike only knew fortissimo. But the spirit of his worship was spot on............

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Laura! said...

Thank you for sharing Mike's story. How much better the world would be if only people loved and respected the gift of "special" people!

mum2brady said...

Loved this TM! It made my day! Thanks!

Amy said...

Hey Tara Marie! Thanks for responding to the poopie post. I'm definitely interested in getting together with you and Emma Sage in the city sometime. Email me!

Bart Barber said...

My heart is lifted to see that Mike's story was an encouragement to you. As you can tell from my article, it certainly was to me.