Friday, November 09, 2007

Not Made In China......

There is a new blog that is geared with providing information and links to safe children's toys and games. With all the recalls coming out of China, as a Mother, it makes you leery to purchase anything from China. I personally, have tried to be a good consumer and watchdog and if I can avoid it [and that is a very hard thing to do, as it seems like everything these days is being manufactured in China] to buy first, American made products.

As a long time subscriber to Mothering Magazine [I actually was reading Mothering long before I became a Mother because the woman I was a Nanny for while I was in college subscribed] I have always shopped the Marketplace and/or shopped at the small, Waldorf inspired Toy store near me [sadly, the store closed this year and now I must find a similar store locally for this holiday season]

So, if you are interested, here are two links to quality children's toys and games.

The first is the blog with the same title as this post 'Not Made In China'

and the second is the Market Place link on Mothering.

I also wanted to remind you all that not only is there a problem with toys, pet food, etc....but look closely at the housewares you are using. Check any pottery or china that you eat off of, or keep food in, to make sure it is lead free and safe.

You can also go sign a petition that is being sent to congress by Consumer Union [which is a non-profit of Consumer Reports] at Not In My Cart

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