Saturday, November 24, 2007


Or a fancy way to say 'goose bumps'

That is exactly what overcame my body on the Monday after my long road trip with Emma Sage to visit with friends in Indiana.

One thing that I wanted to add before my story is this.....I have always experienced dreams, premonitions [deja vu] throughout my whole life. My great-grandmother had clear experiences with dreams, as well as my Greta. It is just something that we experience. I never read into them and just allow the experiences 'to be'

I also believe that anything is possible in this world.....I am open to all thoughts and ideas.

So, during this interaction with Emma Sage, my body literally was covered with raised I know that there is no way this child fabricated this exchange with me, as it was a totally spur of the moment conversation.

and I wanted to just add this picture at this point......because the person Emma Sage spoke about is in this picture:
A picture of a picture

So, here is my story:

On the Monday after our road trip to Indiana to visit with friends [who traveled from all around our country and Canada] I asked Emma Sage "Who was your favorite friend you met this weekend?"

She looks at me and says "Kenny"

I start to search my mind for a 'Kenny' that she met [as there were many siblings there also, and I didn't know every ones name]

I ask her "Kenny who?"

To which she replies "Kenny ~your brother"

I try to keep my startled expression to my self and ask her: "When did you meet Kenny?"

"He was riding in the car with us Mommy" was her response.

"Oh, I say......I'm so glad you liked him the best" and left the whole conversation at that.

Emma Sage went off to play and I was left shaken.

You see, my brother Kenny died tragically a week after Emma Sage was born. She never got to 'meet' her Uncle....but I truly believe that his spirit was along for our long car ride, through the twisty, turning, pitch-black roads of Ohio and Pennsylvania.....making sure that Emma Sage and I were safe on our journey.

{In the picture above, my brother Kenny is on the far right of the picture and my brother Michael is in the middle....I took this picture of a picture at my brother Michael's house on Thanksgiving}


Me said...

WOW Tara Marie....that's just so bizarre....goosbumps is right!

Anonymous said...

I find this story quite beautiful. If only we all could see our guardian angels.

Anonymous said...

you were here....and i didn't know.



Anonymous said...

and there was a gathering...


maybe it wasn't here?

oh please say it wasn't here, and that i wasn't excluded because i'm on the bad list or something.

we would have loved to see you...

Tricia said...

Goosebumps is right. I believe children are especially susceptible to seeing souls/ghosts/whatever you want to call it.

My nephew when he was about 4 years old used to always talk about his Uncle Shawn (who died when he was a young teen LONG before my nephew was born). My nephew used to look at Shawn's photo and tell us he could smell Shawn's t-shirts.

Nicole said...

I'm glad you blogged this story. I got goose bumps reading it too.

Rebecca, this happened on her way home from the BW and you WERE there. hee hee!

Anonymous said...

Tara, smart kid...I loved Kenny too.

-Beth Ann

Anonymous said...

All I can say is "WOW." It is truly amazing what our children can see. Thank you for sharing that story.

Love ya,
Stephanie & Katie

Anonymous said...

thanks Nicole, tm also cleared this up for me.

i'm so glad i was there. :)


A Hippy Chick said...

I truly believe that children see things we have lost the ability to see, or rather "learned not to see". I can tell you were touched and moved, as well as a teeny bit freaked out. :) Who wouldn't have been?

Kari said...

What an incredible experience!!! WOW!

ntmjbmom said...

We have had similar experiences with our boys..especially the youngest two and with Maddy..who died before they came..but we are sure they have met..they have such porous connections to eternity as children.