Monday, November 26, 2007

Birth and Death

One of the greatest gifts I have received from Emma Sage is a sense of Peace.......when I conceived her, I felt her soul enter into my body and this incredible peace came over me.

I remember telling my Mother about the experience and how at Peace I felt, as at that moment I realized [with incredible clarity] that our souls are eternal.....that our bodies are just the vessel our soul travels in while on this earth.

Upon the early passing of my own dear Mother ~ I miss her physical presence dearly, but I know her soul is eternal and I feel her spirit memories of the life we shared, and in moments with my own children, it makes me realize that it is these memories ~ these times shared that make up the true meaning of life.

Today our lives were touched by both Birth and Death.

We welcome with great joy and happiness to our family ~ Maggie Pearl, daughter of Taylor and Rachel [my cousins]....she is welcomed by her family with love and faith. Her big brother's Henry and Luke will help guide her and help her celebrate childhood together [watch out Maggie, your brothers love to play and will take you on many magical adventures.]

Congratulations Taylor and Rachel, Grandma Jan and Grandpa Jeff.....and Mamie [this is your 22nd great-grandchild....what an incredible blessing!]

and on Death......

Sadly, last night a friend of Katrina's died in a car crash.

Jeff Korba was a Talented young Musician who loved life and lived it to the fullest.......he was a brilliant star here on earth and I know he is shinning brightly for eternity. Rest in Peace in peace.

Birth and Death
By Sri Swami Sivananda
Birth and death are two illusory scenes
In the drama of this world:
Really no one is born, no one dies,
No one comes, no one goes.
It is Maya's jugglery,
It is play of the mind;
Brahman alone exists.
There is birth for the body alone,
Five elements combine to form the body;
The Atman is birthless and deathless;
Death is casting off the physical sheath.
It is like deep sleep;
Birth is like waking from sleep;
Be not afraid of death, O Ram!
Life is continuous.
The flower may fade but the fragrance floats;
The body may disintegrate,
But the immortal fragrance of the soul
Always will remain.
Learn to discriminate
The Real from the unreal;
Think always of the Infinite
That is birthless and deathless.
Transcend Maya and Moha,
Go beyond three Gunas,
Give up attachment for the body.
Free yourself from birth and death
And merge in the Immortal Essence.


Kat said...

He was a great kid who was full of life.... only the good die young <3

Kari said...

Congratulations on the birth.
This was a beautiful post TM you always seem to be able to find the beauty in everything. I'm so very sorry for your loss and that your daughter has lost a dear friend at such a young age. My Justin lost his best friend in a car crash a few years ago and It was so hard as a Mommy it was one of the few times that I couldn't take the pain away. Many hugs

Tara Marie said...

Hello Katrina......I miss you and I was so glad that Daddy got to 'surprise' you and visit you at college. Jeff was a great young man and as a Mother this hits home so hard. But that is not the whole truth...yes, it always seems that the 'good' die young....but the 'good' also die very old! ;) So be a 'good' girl!!!!!

Kari,,,I have missed you and Tristan. Thank you for your kind words. I am so sorry for Justin's friend [I remember you talking about it at the time] is such a hard thing [I remeber loosing friends to car crashes when I was younger too] and I think as a Mother that is my greatest fear.....when they are on the road with others [or by themselves.]

Time does have a way of softening the wounds....but you know, it will hurt our children forever to loose someone so close.

Kris said...

Beautiful poem Tara Marie, I can really appreciate it. Birth and death...Welcome the new baby and I am so sorry for the passing of Katrina's friend, that is tragic - I am so saddened to hear of young peoples passing. It is not fair. I wish you all long, healthy lives!

Traci said...

Very nice post. :) I am very sorry about your daughter's friend passing. Feeling your daugther's soul enter you had to be such an awesome experience. I really wish I had been more in tune back then as I am now. A good friend of mine told me that she saw God breathe life into her youngest son when he was, that is just so amazing.