Saturday, August 04, 2007

"I Changed my Mind"

Emma Sage had been glued to the TV this evening with her sister Greta, watching the X Games. She is determined that she is going to be a motor-cross racer, stunt girl, surfer and skateboarder......well actually, she does have a mini skateboard that she is getting real good at doing 'tricks' on. [she loves hanging out with her brother and cousin who are avid skateboarders]

At one point, after watching the same commercial which seemed like a bazillion times this evening.....a Nike commercial where the soles of the shoe change colors.......

After the second viewing, Emma Sage.....

"Ooooooo, Red, my favorite color"

The shoe morphs and the next color turns to which Emma Sage replies

"oooooooooo, Green, my favorite color"

Greta laughs and says to her....."But I thought your favorite color was Red?"

To which Emma Sage replies "Well, I changed my mind!"



Anonymous said...

Hi, I stumbled across Emma Sage's blog yesterday and have had a thoroughly wonderful time reading through it. :) Such a touching tribute to your little girl, and written with so much love, it moved me greatly.

I'm a 33 year old lady located in Australia - many miles away - and am unable to have any children of my own - however I have enjoyed Emma Sage's journey so far, and will continue to read from now on. :) Unfortunately I don't blog but my email is

Sending a special 'hello' to Emma Sage, all the way from Australia!


Bennetts said...

Every girl has the right to change her mind...Emma Sage is just coming into her own.....