Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Flat Screen.......

Wow, what an incredible prize. I know that this would be a welcomed addition to our home, as we have old fashioned type TVs....and most likely will for years to come [you know, one heading to college, one two years behind......and a few years behind that......and then Miss Emma Sage's turn to attend college ~ and yes, I do believe this little girl will attend college!]

At 5 Minutes for Mom, they are giving away this grand prize, Insignia 37" Flat-Pannel LCD HDTV .....courtesy of Best Buy.

So go check it out.....enter to win....and if not, check out Best Buy and save your pennies to surprise someone this upcoming Holiday Season.

And if we win......Emma Sage says you are all invited over to watch 'Jakers, the Adventures of Piggly Winks' on her TV. [just try getting the remote away from this girl!!!!]

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