Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our May Faire.......

I truly don't know how the days move by so swiftly........but the next thing I know, it is a week later and I still have not had the time to upload pictures or share in Emma Sage's magical day.

Of coarse, in-between her Birthday on May 9th, her Circus Birthday Celebration, Mother's Day [and such a powerful one with it being the first without our own Beloved Mother...."Mom, I miss you so dearly"] and up till today [with baseball, T-ball, track "Greta set a school record this that was originally set in cool is that!", Spring Open house, Rick on a long trip around the world, gardens and just everyday life] I have so many pictures and thoughts to share.

I will start out with Emma Sage's Circus Birthday Celebration.

On Saturday, we hosted a Circus Birthday party where 24 of Emma Sage's friends and cousins [not including her siblings and their friends who helped this Momma out] helped Celebrate Emma Sage's Sixth Birthday.

What fun!!!

We first met at the pavillion at the park and after games and pizza and cake and treats we walked over to the Circus and watched a wonderful Small Town/Big Top Circus!!!

I can't begin to tell you how magical it was......and how absolutely loved Emma Sage is by her community.

So please enjoy my precious little girl and her Circus Birthday Celebration in photographs.

She sure does have that princess wave down-pat......greeting two little girls that were playing in the park, but had to keep coming over to 'check-out' the birthday girl
The 'goody-bags' awaiting the guests....the children got a pail and shovel [for summer fun] a jester hat with bells, a clowns nose, a t-shirt that had the Big Top on it and it said 'Small Town/ Big Top Circus' and a box of popcorn for the show and little treats.

Waiting for her friends to arrive....

Two of my teen-age helpers.....this is Greta and her friend Kristen and Sara is a bit blurry on the right hand side of the picture....I coulnd't have done this party without their help [and Katrina, Otto and his Pal Michaels help too! ......Thank you guys!]

Saying 'Hello' to her friend AJ

Playing 'Hullabaloooo' as the guests arrived one-by-one [or sometimes two by two]
as in the next two guests......Emma Sage's friends Coleen and Claire from her dancing class.....arn't they the cutest twins!

Greeting one of the bestest friends Devony.....these two are so cute together.

Too much fun!
Oh my goodness,,,,is this for me?

playing her favorite of games....Duck, duck, goose!

Waiting for the 'ducker'!
her favorite part....running!
Look at those!!!!
and back to waiting to be goosed and then to goose!

The party table....

and look at the ham-bone standing at the head of the table....silly Birthday Girl.

playing simon says.....



Watching Greta light her birthday candles.....I have to still upload the birthday video clip that comes stay-tuned! [I promise someday I'll get to it!]

Then it was 'Off to the Circus'






One of our neighbors [Ms. Bonnie, the one who I always share all of the wonderful pictures from our walks to her farm] has become friends with the owners of the Circus over the years.....and she had the Ring Master announce Emma Sage's Birthday and one of the clowns brought her over a this pictures cool is that [and so wonderful!]
A smile of joy to melt a Momma's heart.

and then at intermission....Ms. Bonnie took Emma Sage on a Camel ride.....

Waiting on the camel ride.....but I put this picture on here bigger as I wanted to share an experience that we get often in public with Emma Sage....if you notice, the young boy in line is 'staring' at Emma is a look we get often and I know it is because he caught a glimpse of her T21, but he is not sure exactly what he noticed....what makes Emma Sage a bit different then he.......This is not a negative thing [and I pray as she gets older it never becomes a negative thing] but a moment of curiosity and wonder.

What a lucky girl....the brought her to the front of the line....and gave her a few extra 'go-arounds'.....



Some of our party guests.......can you say 'FUN'!!!!!

Emma Sage just loved the whole show....she told me afterwards that she was going to be in the circus when she gets bigger!
Saying 'Good-bye' to her bestfriend Claudia and the little girl who is what I wrote about in our submission to the book 'Gifts'

and that is all she wrote!!!!

This gathering truly showed the love that our community and family has for our daughter. Emma Sage is a delightful little girl who has many different friends from all parts of her life. She had friends attending that were also her family, as in siblings and cousins.....she had friends attending that spend their days with her since they were all little......she had friends attending that take dance class with her.....she had friends attending from her T-ball team.......and she had friends attending from her local Down syndrome group. Truly a gathering of diversity and a wonderful picture of inclusion.

We are truly blessed........


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh sweet little child, I have enjoyed watching you grow, almost t~h~r~e~e years now. Each time I see that beautiful smile, or that curious look you often get as you gaze off, contemplating deeply, about the world and your surroundings, I often wish my little Miss E and I could be closer.

The love you share with the world, by way of your mama, is important in so many ways.

You are a beautiful little girl, and we all love you so much.

Here's too another year of your mama's beautiful photos, another brilliant year of Emma Sage and her upcoming adventures and travels.

May your sheer beauty, you natural connection to the world and the people around you--never change. You are delight to all that know you near and far.

Our life wouldn't be the same without you (and your mama too).

Hugs and kisses.

Me said...

Wow....looks like SOOOOO much fun! I just love the picture of the closeup of her and the camel's head....she has the cutest look of curiosity on her face. I hope she had a wonderful day. Happy Birthday!
Lacia & Kaia

amy flege said...

ok. that has to be the most magical birthday i have ever seen!! your photos are breath taking... along with your sweet girl as well!!!

Kris said...

Oh my goodness...I have tears in my eyes. Those pictures fill me with such joy. They are beautifuly pictures of a beautiful day in the life of the most beautiful princess! TM, you are a most wonderful mom!

Love ya!

jennifergg said...

Best. birthday. ever. You inspire me!!!!

Michelle said...

what a magical birthday celebration!

Nicole said...

What a beautiful day for a beautiful princess! :)

mum2brady said...

AMAZING pics Tara Marie! What an absolutely amazing and magical birthday!!!! Emma is gorgeous and such a treasure! I'm glad you could have such wonderful day to celebrate your Little Miss' incredible day :)

Shelley said...

Such beautiful photoes - I love the camel ones and the one near them where Emma has her thumb near her mouth. That camel looks big near her!

Belovedlife said...

tara - My birthday is in August...can you plan my party for me?
Happy birthday miss Emma Sgae here's to many more happy healthy wonderfully inspiring years...

Marcie said...

Happy Birthday Emma Sage!!!
Marcie and Livija