Saturday, May 26, 2007

This child just loves babies......

Emma Sage just adores babies...she always has.

Just as I have for her siblings, I have always been observant of their likes, their special help guide them as they grow into finding the right path for their education and future career plans.

Katrina is three weeks away from graduating high school and off to college to become a teacher [special education/elementary/sign language] are her current goals......and we have encouraged her every step of the way. I always tell the need to think about when you wake up every morning....what do you see yourself doing. What would make you happy, as you need to wake up and enjoy what you are doing. and I alway remind them that you always have the opportunity to change what you are doing if it is not exactly what you want. That is the beauty of education, you can continue learning and growing your whole life. It is all up to you.....and you need to do what is important for you....what makes you happy, as it is your life.

So lately, I've been thinking about Emma Sage and her future education and career goals.

When we were out getting plants a few weeks ago, we were at one of my favorite little farmsteads......just two green houses and lots of unique herbs and speciality plants. There is no cashier around, it is a self-serve farmstead. As we gathered up our plants and headed over to the table to add the bill up.....Emma Sage grabbed the paper and pen, stood up to the counter and pretended to 'wait' on me. After we were finished she looked at me and said "I want to do this" I asked her "What do you want to do?" and she told me that she wanted to be the "Add'r Upper" and to make the plants [and I thought to myself......Maybe this is what we need to do with our property.......start a little farm stand/greenhouse for Emma Sage to run.

But then I capture her on film with Miss Brooke and I know it my heart of hearts......Emma Sage needs to be working with little children as she is so loving, so tender and she just loves teaching them!

Who knows.......She will have many opportunites to do what she wants to do whatever makes her happy and I am excited to see where her life journey takes her.

Emma Sage and Miss Brooke [who is now five weeks old....and how blessed are we to have such a precious little one to care for]



Jeanne said...

How very sweet and precious indeed!

Leticia said...

My daughter Christina is crazy about babies as well, but she is only five, and a little too enthusiatic with them! I wish with all my heart I could give her a baby sister or brother to hug!