Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring is here.....

and Emma Sage has induldged her Momma in her passion for photography. The clouds were beautiful yesterday, so before Otto's baseball game we ran out quickly to snap a few pictures.....she actually had her skirt and leggings on under this dress.....

So enjoy my fun.............I just love to shot pictures, and Emma Sage usually does'nt mind her silly Momma [actually, these days I get more funny faces, but oh, well.....she has to humor me]






and just too cute....while we were at the park, a father and daughter came to take a walk on the path....the little girls says "Look Daddy, a fairy princess" as they walked by they were returning back around, Emma Sage had to run and give the little girl a flower she had picked.



Shelley said...

Spring is my favourite season - and not just because it heralds my brithday down under! Your photoes are gorgeous as always and i love Emma Sage's princess frock.

ostertaga said...

Breathtaking pics of a gorgeous girl!!


Kris said...

A fairy princess indeed! Beautiful!

Sara said...

Ph my gosh those are beautiful! I LOVE the last one!!!!! How do you do that ?

mum2brady said...

OHhhh - I love spring too - and that 3rd picture of ES is soooo beautiful TM - you totally captured her spirit :) You are an amazing photographer and you have the most beautiful and amazing subject - thanks for sharing her with us!

Love ya!

Michelle said...

what breathtakingly beautiful photographs these are!