Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sitting at Otto's ballgame yesterday, I watched my little social butterfly flitter about. Emma Sage has all the father's on the team wrapped around her little finger. They all seem to adore her, and she is quickly becoming the teams she cheers the loudest and for every play [good and bad!]

At one point, she was sitting playing in the dirt along the pathway........and children from precious games would walk by [on their way to the concession stand........which brings me to this question ?????? "Why do hot dogs smells so darn good at baseball games?"]

As the children walked by they would remember playing with her from games past and say "Hello, Emma Sage" which she would look up and say "Hello __________ back" remembering all of their names. This just brought a huge smile to my face, for one, she remembers [much better than her Momma] and two....these children remember her and take the time to say "hello".



Go Phillies.....


Nicole said...

Obviously I have been away from your blog home for way too long! I love the beautiful photos and precious memories I just got to share. ES's dance is quite like T's sassy dance too. And Greta's track pics are incredible! Love you honey!

Miranda said...

Well, Emma Sage isn't a forgetable girl. That's great that she remembers everyones names!

Sara said...

Wow she is beautiful Tara Marie! I love the pictures you take!!