Thursday, April 05, 2007


Emma Sage found this big pinwheel last weekend at our local Easter Egg hunt......she decided that it needed to be liberated from the ground [to which it was stuck] and play with it for a bit.

As I was taking these pictures I thought of a friend of mine who is an amazing writer and Mother to a precious little boy who, like Emma Sage, is sporting a little extra chromosome on his 21st pair.

So, I recommend you go visit Pinwheels, and find out for yourself about her being an amazing writer.....and Jennifer, these pictures are for you and Avery! Enjoy!





jennifer said...

Tears in my eyes! Those are exactly the kind Avery loved, and I didn't know they could be giant-sized!

How I wish we could have been there...but you make me feel as if we were. Thank you!

L. Noelle said...

Beautiful Pictures as always! By the way, I have a very informative post today about Nutritional Intervention and Down Syndrome, in case you are interested, I hope you stop by and read! Thanks.

Kei said...

How sweet. I love that Emma Sage decided to liberate it from the ground ;) Big hugs!!!

Jeanne said...

I love those pinwheels too.
Gorgeous photographs as always!
Love Jeanne

Happy Easter to you all

Kari said...

Beautiful Photos TM!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pinwheel!