Friday, February 09, 2007

Music of the Soul...... life and my children's lives have always been filled with Music. When I was a little girl, my Mother would sing to me in Gaelic. Beautiful songs, haunting songs of Ireland.

Rick loves music as much as I, so our CD player is always filled and always playing. I even have speakers [cool ones that look like rocks] outside, so when we are playing or gardening, there is Music.

I love mixing and matching CDs to play to go along with the activites we are involved with.

So of coarse all of my children, including Emma Sage have been surrounded in Music.

When Emma Sage was a little baby, I was playing music from A Woman's Heart, and a beautiful song came on in Gaelic. Emma Sage turns towards the speakers, and like she fully understood this ancient language of her ancestors, she began to sing was truly moving to I quickly pick up the phone to call my Mother to tell her that I do believe Emma Sage has recieved a gift of understanding Gaelic.

And she has......this child just adores Celtic Music [I guess since her Momma plays it daily she has no choice! lol!] but she aslo has a fascination of the guess what she is taking. Yes, she is starting violin lessons.

There is a delightful man who works at the local gas satition,,,,,his name is Dave and we have been friends for years. He is British [but I don't hold that against him, and he doesn't mind the fact that I'm Irish!].....his wife teaches violin and has offered to teach my little girl.

So, I'm thinking that maybe, just day we will see Emma Sage up on Stage with the clad of Celtic Woman [which my sister and I are going to go see on February 26th, thanks to our brother he got us tickets in our Mother's Memory].

My creation

So what do you think? Do I have a future performer on my hands?


Betsy said...

"I played the violin really well until he made me use the stick."
--Dora Winifred Read
(from Arthur)

Kari said...

What a really nice gift from your brother. :) This is so exciting I can't wait to hear all about Emma Sages adventures in Violin.

Traci said...

Tara Marie...she looks like a natural. I played for a short while as a child and LOVED it!

Jen said...

I hope she loves the lessons...what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely story! I'd love to live in your home! And, yes, I think you'll have a wonderfully gifted performer in your family.


mum2brady said...

ohhh - beautiful TM!!! I can just see ES up there on stage! I'll be first in line to buy tickets! I hope you guys have a great time at the show!!!