Saturday, February 10, 2007

Did I tell you it is cold outside????

Burrr......we have been in a deep chill. I was doing fine till yesterday, when it really sank deep into my bones. We decided to play at the McDonalds indoor for two hours Emma Sage and her pals Ben and AJ [Friday's are my light and easy day with only two extra kiddos] went up the climging ramps, across the tubing and down the two different curly slides......wheeeeeee....what fun! I try and get the children outside everyday for fresh air and free play, but yesterday the wind was a blowing and it was just too darn cold!

Today was much nicer.....still cold, but sunny and not as windy. Plus today is Saturday, and I only have my own crew to shuttle about. Being that Katrina can drive, I guess the weekends are actaully quite easy for me.

Emma Sage and I headed out to pick-up Greta at her friends from a sleepover, taking two friends back home to their houses [did I ever tell you I have a limo-service.....more of a Mom Taxi!] We did a few errands [like pick up new elements for the hot water heater, as this Momma does love the luxury of hot water]....and since the heater stopped making the water nice and hot yesterday morning.........burr.....Did I tell you it is cold outside? Well, it seems to be a lot colder when you don't have hot water to wash the dishes, or your face ~~in.

Rick is leaving on a 12 day trip to Salt Lake City, so this errand to pick up the needed elements was a very important one. I got there five minutes before they closed.....can you say lucky!

We ate lunch and then headed to Otto's basketball game.

Here is my 'little' guy. He is the tallest boy on the team. They are Tewksbury 5th grade boys traveling team, so they are either 10 or 11 years old.


This was early in the game, they ended up winning 39 to 23. This was their last regular 'season' game and have playoffs starting next week.

Here is my guy shooting a foul shot [good follow through Otto!]


Here's Greta and Emma Sage seeing who can touch their tongue to their nose at the game......"Hey girls, you are supposed to be watching your brother play!"

Then we went to the river to skate........what a great big brother you have there little Miss....





DSC02641 maybe it is still a bit too cold. Emma Sage is saying "I've had enough"

But she didn't want to leave.....she wanted to swing on the swing [this child just loves to swing]

Wheeeeeee...................this is fun!!!


But this is how you really do it! These guys would skate as fast as they could and grab on and go flying through the air! Man, what fun!!!!


So we are going to snuggle in for the night......and get ready to head back to the river in the morning as all Emma Sage has been saying is "Can I go skating again!"

I guess from sitting in front of the woodstove all evening she has forgotten that 'IT IS COLD OUTSIDE'


Kari said...

What a busy but fun day! Believe me I know all about cold up here in Montreal it has been so cold the children are not allowed outside for lunch or recess at school. I hope your elements have been installed and your water is hot again.
WTG Otto!! Looks like the girls enjoy going to the basketball games.
I absolutley love the skating pictures. What a cute little skater you have. My fav one was with Otta and Emma Sage together. Very sweet! When I got to the one where Emma Sage was sad my eyes teared up. lol I am having an emotional week.

mum2brady said...

TM - how FUN!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ice skating pictures! So brings back memories from my childhood :) ES looked like she had fun for a while ;)

I wish you were coming to visit with Rick!!! I'd love to meet up with you again!!!

~M~ said...

Even if it was cold, it looks like such a fun day! The skating pictures are so great, it brings back memories of when I was little.

crygibb said...

what beautiful pictures. Looks like you all had a great time. Looks cold too.